Smoked Salmon Noodles & Miso Cheese

Usually smoked salmon doesn't make it past lunchtime in my house.  It's second nature to absent-mindedly reach for a bagel, slather on the cream cheese, capers and heap strips of smoked salmon on top. Generally irresistible, but today I fancied something different...

No cooking in this, and doesn't take much longer than toasting a bagel.

Smoked Salmon quickly marinated in mirin and lime juice. Quick pickled strips of cucumber in 50/50 - water/white wine vinegar solution, with a teaspoon of sugar. Ramen noodles covered with boiling water, sprinkle of instant dashi and soy sauce.

Now the miso cheese - is simply a 50/50 mixture of sweet white miso and cream cheese. Whip a good tablespoon of each together with a spoon. A little umami punch of savouriness, the rich salty depths of the miso cheese makes the whole bowl come alive.

Plate up by draining the noodles, and dousing a little soy sauce and mirin over them. Stack up the rest of the ingredients, and sprinkle over some togarashi powder.
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