Smoked Duck, Red Cabbage Purée, Pickled Bluberries

After the last couple of comfort food posts (here & here) I wanted to try something a little less robust. In my fridge I had a beautiful Carraig na Breac smoked duck breast. Thinly sliced duck breast is a real treat, the deep smoky flavour needs a flash of acidity provided from the sweet pickled blueberries. I was genuinely surprised by the red cabbage purée. I was expecting a richer deeper colour, and it turned out vibrantly lilac. The purée tasted amazing - no matter that it's a little disconcerting eating purple food. The rest of the ingredients were plucked from the garden, violet petals, and couple of  burgundy shaded lettuce leaves.

Very little cooking in this though. Red Cabbage, finely chopped, covered with milk in a saucepan and a tablespoon of butter. Simmer with the lid on for about 20 mins, blitzed in a blender, seasoned with salt, and passed through a sieve. Pickled red onions, in red wine vinegar and warm water (50:50) for at least 30 mins. Pickled blueberries, 50:50 red wine vinegar/warm water and teaspoon of sugar (stirred to dissolve).

For the smoked duck breast - the only tip I have is to carve it straight from the fridge. It's easier to get thin slices when the breast is cold, and once cut, let it come to room temperature so the flavour develops.

Alternate plating - not sure which one I prefer.... and yes - I ate both!

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