Raw Oyster, Poached Quails Egg, Asparagus, Purslane, Kale Sauce

Cursed with the affliction of being an early riser can have it's benefits. Like on Saturdays having the first pick of the produce at the local food co-op before the crowds arrive. Today I was lucky enough to pick up a bunch of lovely young, whisper thin asparagus from Ballinroan Farm. Feeling slightly fuzzy this particular morning I had resolved to pick up some oysters and try and use them in some shot glasses with juiced kale, but after picking up the asparagus I knew that I had to use them straight away. So this dish is inspired by an attempt to use seasonal Irish produce in a hangover curing dish, full of summer flavour.

The kale sauce is the most labour intensive part of the dish, so that was started first. Roughly shredded a large handful of purple kale and sautéed in a frying pan with a good two tablespoons of Llewellyn's Irish balsamic cider vinegar and two tablespoons of water, just to wilt the kale. Poured the kale and liquid into a blender, added a teaspoon of Lakeshore mustard (like a Dijon) - and blitzed it for five minutes. Strained it a couple of times then back in a small saucepan, the amount of liquid should be about four tablespoons. Heat the kale water gently and stir in a tablespoon of cold butter until fully incorporated. Then another tablespoon of butter, and another, only adding the next spoonful after the last has been emulsified into the sauce. Be careful not to overheat, or it will separate. Taste it, add some salt and taste it again. The butter in the sauce, should smooth out any bitter notes of the kale - but not overpower it. You can add a tiny dash of the balsamic or another spoon of butter if you think it's needed.

I trimmed the asparagus stems, and seared the spears on a griddle pan until they were darkly scorched with burn marks. Shucked some Carlingford oysters, reserving the briny liquid for later. Using a serrated knife I cut the fat end of the quails egg off and poured them into a large saucepan of swirled boiling water to poach. Removed the eggs after a minute and cut off the the trailing egg white to leave little oyster sized poached quails eggs.

Spoon your sauce onto the plate, arrange the asparagus, raw oyster and quail eggs. Spoon the oyster liquor that you saved over the eggs and oysters. Scatter over the purslane and serve.

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