Plum, Pistachio & Orange Drizzle Cake

I'm used to getting up at 6ish most mornings, which means that at weekends I'm usually rattling around the house by 8 with my stomach rumbling. For the last couple weeks I have filled the time and fulfilled the hunger with some early morning baking.

Breakfast cake. Which still sounds giddily exciting in a  'so wrong its right', kind of way. I've made a couple of variations of this cake, and as it's breakfast, I've tried to keep the sugar content to zero. The sweetness comes from the fruit and the orange peel which is candied in a reduced sticky syrup of freshly squeezed orange juice (thanks to @SineadRyan for her wonderful orange drizzle cake as the inspiration).

It only takes a few minutes to make the cake batter and you can pretty much throw anything into it. 125g of flour, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 100g of Greek Yoghurt, and a pinch of salt. All together in a large bowl. Don't beat it or over work it - just fold  it together. Add your other ingredients - a handful of crushed pistachios, chopped plums, tablespoons of  toasted sesame seeds or poppy seeds - and mix in.

In a frying pan, peel the skin from an orange in long swirls and finely slice. Cut a couple of oranges in half (maybe 2 or 3 oranges) and squeeze the juice into the pan, turn up the heat and reduce until the natural sugars caramelise. When the juice has browned, and is sticky and reduced down to a couple of tablespoonfuls - pour the candied peels and juice into the bottom of a pre-buttered loaf tin. Add the cake batter and pop into a pre-heated oven (180C) for 35 to 40 mins until the cake looks set in the centre. Then tip the cake out onto a wire rack to cool. Slice when cooled and serve.

During the bake all the orange peel and syrupy juice coats the outside in a sticky coating.  The cake keeps well (wrapped in cling film) for about 3 days.

Breakfast cake , 10 mins to make, 40 mins to bake and you can eat it all week.


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