Breaded Fried Poached Egg

Every morning should be properly saluted with crisp bacon and eggs and a strong cup of coffee. Unfortunately I barely have time for a bowl of cereal during the week as I iron, wash, shave and throw myself and daughter into the car. However I can make up for this over weekends when I make brunch. I love sitting to eat in the kitchen with the weekend papers, dog at my feet, mid morning light streaming in the window. Heaven.

Today's brunch experiment was a doozy. Take a poached egg. Roll it in flour. Dip in beaten egg. Smother in panko breadcrumbs and shallow fry until the crumb is crisp. Amazing. Twice cooked. The lightness of the poached egg intact within the brittle breaded crust.

Served with a simple salad of purple kale leaves dressed in a mustard vinaigrette, with crispy bacon and capers.

May the good brunches roll on...

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