Beetroot, Red Gooseberries and Fennel

Seasonal dish, simply prepared perfect as a starter or light lunch**. There's little cooking here, just taking the best of this weeks ingredients and putting it on a plate - messing around a little - but relying on the seasonality to shine.

(1) Earthy beetroot and their stalks boiled in milk and butter till softened. Furiously puréed in a blender, whipping in air until fluffy and light and swiped across the plate.

(2) Large beetroot boiled for an hour, then peeled by dragging your thumb to pull the skin away. Sliced thinly on a mandoline and rolled into cornet shapes around a spoonful of beetroot purée.

(3) Raw beetroot sliced thinly and slow roasted until dehydrated, not crisp, but warped by the slow heat until leathery and beautifully sweetened.

(4) Red gooseberries, pickled in cider vinegar, sugar and fennel seeds for at least an hour to soften the nub of the tarty berries.

(5) Vibrant green fennel fronds blitzed in a little water then dropped from the tip of teaspoon into olive oil that has been scattered over the plate, creating little tense bubbles of broken emulsification.

(6) Black mustard seeds, dry roasted in a frying pan to crisp, crunch and cascade over the plate

(7) Fennel pollen, plucked from the tips of plant to garnish and taste.

**adapted from a Noma recipe of Beetroot, Red Gooseberries, Dewberries and Aromatic seeds.

Alternate platings below...

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