Summer Pea, Bacon & Broccoli Pie

A super tasty pie for your dinner, and its ready to eat in less time than you would think. Shortbread crust cracked open to reveal a rich sauce, made with pureed peas and cream. The sauce coats the cooked peas and broccoli with little shards of crispy bacon scattered throughout. 

An adaptation of the Spring Pea Pot Pie from The Fat Radish NY

Pea Bacon Broccoli Pie


1 Roll of Shortcrust Pastry (Shop bought or Home made)
100g of Pancetta or

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Pea Guacamole, Pulled Pork, Flatbread

Irish Summer. Mexican Influence. 24-hour pork shoulder. 6 hours in a salt & sugar brine. 18 hours slow cooked until collapsed.

Pulled Pork, Pea Guacamole, Flatbread

Quick pickled red onions. Creamy pea guacamole, with a punch of lime and crunch of toasted sunflower seeds. Sweetcorn tossed with pickled red peppers and fresh red chilli. Home made flatbreads. All strewn with lots of fresh coriander and doused with lime juice. Don't stint on either coriander or lime. Smear the flat bread with pea guacamole, throw on

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Baked Green Tomatoes, Avocado & Eggs

A perfect summer brunch and a great way to use up any over ripe avocados and under ripe tomatoes.  

Baked Green Tomatoes, Avocado, Eggs, Coriander

No recipe needed for this one, and it's all cooked in a small frying pan that you can put in oven (avoid plastic handles). A handful of tart green tomatoes, cut in quarters and stewed in a little water until softened. Creamy over ripe avocado (still green inside, not blackened) stirred into the sauce. Little pockets hollowed out of the

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King Mushrooms, Pickled Red Onions, Spelt, Pea Shoots

I made this as a side dish salad for a BBQ last week. Easy to prepare in advance. Looks great and eats even better.
King Mushrooms, Pickled Red Onions, Spelt, Pea Shoots Thick, stalky King Mushrooms sliced thinly on a mandoline. Quick pickled red onions, sweetly softened to add acidity. Spelt (or any other whole grain) cooked for a bit of bite. Fresh pea shoots for their sweetness, and their stalks give a lovely crunch to every mouthful. All dressed with a simple mustard vinaigrette.



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Slow Roasted Duck, Smashed Cucumbers, Hoi Sin Sauce

A good home made Hoi Sin sauce has been the Holy Grail for me recently. I've tried plenty of other bloggers recipes but none gave me the sugary tangy thrill of the bottled sauce I buy in the Asian market.

Slow Roasted Duck, Hoi Sin, Smashed Cucumbers On a recent trip to New York I tasted a home made Hoi Sin which came from a recipe in Gwyneth Paltrows new cookbook. It was amazing. Not quite the junk food rush of the Asian bottled sauce, but its

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Grilled Avocado, Pulled Chicken, Orange, Sorrel Ice

A cool little summer dish. A salad served with a sweet grassy granita. This melts while eating and leaves a light citrusy sauce to be soaked up by all the other ingredients. 

Avocado slices seared on a dry frying pan. Thinly peeled ribbons of carrots with black sesame seeds adds texture, sweetness and the rich pop of  toasted seeds. Leftover roast chicken pulled into long silky strands. Orange segment for a punch of citrus. Scattered over with scrapings

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